In the interest of providing upcoming leaders with resources on their journey to realizing their vision, we offer this fantastic upgrade.
For $97 you will receive thousands of dollars in savings! Free consultations and discount packages for marketing, branding, coaching, business development, and more! These leaders want to help you and the world, so they have offered their services and gifts to you in this package to ensure your success in living the vision and creating a better world.

What's included?

An MP3 download of each speaker's seminar so you can listen to them any time you like.

A panel of professionals ready to help you step into your greatness. The Ultimate Change Leaders Success Toolkit is included with your WCS upgrade. Each one of these amazing practitioners will be available to help you move your project forward -- whether you are just getting started or a bit farther along in your process of creating a richer, more fulfilled, more successful life while making the world a better place with your work.

Take your project from something to SOMETHING FABULOUS!!
The following professionals are offering you these great freebies to support your business success.

Free eBook and Discounted Clarity Session from Christina McDowell

Discounted session - $40 Value

This offer includes a free e-Book called 10 Simple Ways to Quickly Open Up the FLOW of Prosperity by Honoring You and a discounted clarity session with Christina. Clarity session is normally $67 and with this offer is only $27.

"Remapping Relationships" One on One Coaching Session with Joumana Rizk

One hour session - $250 Value

This is a one hour session to take an inventory of your closest relationships and explore how you can make them more supportive and strengthening for who you really are. Is a loved one in your life putting you down or holding you back? Does a spouse, a child, a sibling or close friend make you feel drained or even disempowered? Do you wish this person would change but feel powerless to do anything about the situation? Remapping Relationships is a proven step by step process developed by Peacelights Founder Joumana Rizk that will help you identify what is in your power to do in order to "remap" this relationship so you can feel fully supported.

Free Workbook! Plus 30-minute Phone Coaching Session with Colette Ellis

Receive a copy of the "Reconnect to Your Purpose: Defining Values & Setting Intentions" Workbook plus a 30-minute phone coaching session with Colette Ellis. Create a crystal clear vision for 'ultimate success' so you know exactly what you want, where you're headed, and what you need to do to make it happen. You will leave this phone session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to finally achieve the change you seek - once and for all.

Free Strategy Session and MP3 Audio Download from Gayle Joplin Hall

Twenty minute session - $75 Value

In addition to a free MP3 audio download, the first 20 people to sign up for Gayle's email list will receive a free 20 minute strategy session. After signing up for the email list simply contact Gayle to request your FREE session. Don't miss this opportunity to sign up to receive Gayle's emails, her community is growing and she doesn't want to leave you behind!

Complimentary Ticket to BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE'S Signature One-Day Event

BRANDSHARE EVENT on October 13, 2012 - $147 Value

BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE's signature branding event is an educational and experiential event designed to teach small businesses how to apply the art + science of strategic branding. BRANDSHARE EVENT is one of the most energizing branding events in New York City. In the event, you will get: Content. Valuable teachings and insights on the art and science of branding and how entrepreneurs can elevate their game through branding. Exercises. Tools that you can apply to your business (during the event) and incorporate into your business (after the event). Advice. On-the-spot, senior-level branding advice. Inspiration. A fun, highly interactive environment to network and collaborate with like-minded people -- so, you're left with being inspired and energized. Networking. Let's face it, the best way to create relationships is in-person. So, network, network, and network. Be intentional about finding prospects, people to collaborate with, or even professionals to hire. Note: A $147 refundable deposit is required to hold your seat. You must attend the event in order to receive your refund. Offer is available to the first 10 participants.

Soul Signature Success Kit & Chance for a Free Laser Session with Maggie Ostara

Opportunity to apply for a laser coaching session with Maggie for free! Everyone who applies will also get the Soul Signature Success Kit.

20% Discount on Basic Consulting Packages with Olivia Khalili

With your upgrade you will receive a 20% discount on basic consulting packages offered by Olivia Khalili. With your discount services cost as little as $68 per session. Those interested can view packages here:

Free MP3 and 30 Minute Strategy Session with Ann Bennett and Liz Pratt

How to Get Three Clients in 27 Days! A FREE download of this 90 minute audio MP3 is included with your World-Changing Success toolkit. Plus you will receive a 30 minute Get Three Clients Now Marketing Strategy Session with Ann and Liz.

The Year One Manifesto, Free eBook from Matthew Goldfarb

I wrote this short eBook after my first year of business. It’s all my insights, a-has, breakdowns and general awesome moments of utter insanity that got me through this thing called entrepreneurial ship in one piece. Take ten minutes, read it, and change your life.

E-Guidebook, Wellness Assessment & Phone Consultation with Anne Merkel

The Corporate Coach Alchemist - $170 value

In her popular Guide to Best Practices in Energy Management, Dr. Anne Merkel leads you through some of the "behind-the-scenes" aspects of Acupuncture Meridian Tapping Techniques such as EFT/ Emotional Freedom Techniques, and shares her many years of expertise as a facilitator of Neuro Emotional Technique as she explains why energy therapy works, how to best access your subconscious so that it will pay attention to you, and some beneficial after-session "clean up" techniques that will speed up the results you feel from your practice. You will receive this e-guide as well as be invited to fill in a confidential on-line wellness assessment followed up by a thirty minute one-on-one Body-Mind-Spirit Balance consultation by phone.

Innovative Selling Proposition Indicator from Belinda Pruyne

The Innovative Selling Proposition indicator is a barometer that you can use when you are making decisions regarding your company, creating new initiatives, identifying what it is that makes you and your company unique. With this level of clarity making sound business decisions is easier.

Free Mindset for Money Audio Recording from Suzanne Evans

Tired of playing at your business (and losing)? Ready to finally reap big-time profits? Its not as hard as you're making it! In fact, just minutes from now you could discover powerful mindset secrets that can unleash an endless cascade of profits! This powerful downloadable audio, delivers the keys that unlock the most powerful money-making mental approach. And be stunned at how simple (and natural) it is.

Find Money Fast Using Innovative Financing Options from Barbara Vrancik

Get the most innovative financing options for entrepreneurs in the market today with "Find Money Fast Using Innovative Financing Options".

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5% of all profits from this tele summit will be donated to Larger Visions -- a non-profit dedicated to providing programing for victims of gender-based violence.