Maggie Ostara

Maggie Ostara, PhD is powerful and passionate voice for planetary healing through the development of evolutionary business. In the midst of the demise of the old economy, tremendous opportunity exists for those with the courage and vision to seed the New World Age with businesses that make a positive impact on the world. Within backgrounds in the healing arts, Women's Studies, network marketing, and advanced meditation, Maggie is a multiply published author, arousing public speaker, renowned teacher, Soul Healer and Business Mentor. She teaches evolutionary entrepreneurs how to master the inner alignment and outward strategy of gaining visibility and recognition so that they can create lucrative and leveraged, Soul-Inspired businesses that change the world. An independent business owner for 15 years, she is most recently the founder of Soul Signature Success. In her first full year in business as a business mentor, Maggie broke the $200,000 mark in revenue through her private coaching and curriculum-based programs.

Get out of Your Own Way

Create Massive Success, Income and Impact by Tapping Into Your Soul Signature

In this rapidly changing economy, many people have created their own businesses in order to have more command over their life styles, their income, and their sense of success. Yet most entrepreneurs stand in the way of their own success without even knowing it! When the entrepreneur removes this block, her business can grow exponentially, with less effort, greater creativity, enjoyment, and impact. Isn't it time that you experienced greater success on your own terms?

On this breakthrough call, you will learn:

  • The number one thing you need to do in order to step out of your own way
  • How tapping into your Soul Signature will make everything about your business easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable
  • 4 Key Steps about how to do just that
  • A new way to define and create success for yourself based on what means most to you