Lore Raymond

If you ask Lore Raymond what she considers her ultimate role, she'll tell you: student-teacher. This Chief Inspirator of Women as Visionaries and business woman has a penchant for learning, teaching and connecting, something that accompanied a cultivated world perspective that began blooming as a young girl. These early experiences and life-long fascination with uncovering individuals' life stories have stuck with Lore and followed her through a diverse career path woven with common threads of vision, travel and communication. Building a career that began as an elementary school teacher, evolved into marketing and PR with the Winter Olympics, and led her to lead nonprofits, development organizations and volunteer networks, she then expanded into a new world: entrepreneurship. Lore founded and developed Women as Visionaries as a resource to provide women empowering opportunities and inspiration for global connections, programs and travel designed, as Lore puts it, "to open hearts and inspire action." Through Women as Visionaries, women can take part in exciting group travel outings throughout the year called VisionQuests with a focus of not only sightseeing and experiencing the traditions of another country, but also offering opportunities to give back to the host country. Lore enjoys serving others as a spiritual teacher, transformational author, and vision expert.

Spinning Gold

5 Tools to Transform "Straw" into Miracles
  • Reframe what's happening to LOVE WHAT IS.
  • Declutter inside and out: physically (outer clutter and disorganization doesn't support passions and spiritual work) and also emotional through forgiveness work of self and others.
  • In these different feelings, write a new story, a "Tell-A-Vision" of what you want this issue--relationship, job, new business, travel, whatever; stories heal and transform and the world is waiting for your story, NOW.
  • Find FIVE mentors who will be part of your team; inspire them with your new tell-a-vision; and if you seek more support, think of the 5 people from all time you'd like to be on your Advisory Team: i.e. Jesus, Mother Teresa...you get the idea. Finally, to sustain your teams, join or start a Master Mind Circle.
  • Take daily steps to write a Gratitude Rant and a Gratitude-in-Advance-Rant