Katrina Coravos

Katrina Coravos is a passionate, fiery woman who has dedicated her life to being a catalyst for women's spirituality and wisdom to return to the forefront of our world. She believes by bringing women together from around the world, we can support one another to make this dream happen. She is an entrepreneur by nature and began her first business when she was only 23. Years later, she is now running Liberty Chocolates. She structures her business on building a giving economy where businesses share their profits with charities. Every month, Liberty Chocolate donates a portion of the chocolate sales to various non-profits. With her business knowledge and passion for women's spirituality, she began to create her own non-profit called Circle of Women International. Circle of Women International's mission is to bring women together from around the world to share sacred ceremonies with one another. It is founded on the belief that our cultural diversity creates life, beauty, and celebration to our planet. At its core, is the knowledge that through ancient wisdom and ancient teachings, we as women can root ourselves as we create a new way in the world.

Visionary Entrepreneur

Founder of Circle of Women International

Katrina Coravos will be talking about Circle of Women International and its core mission and belief. She will talk about cultural diversity, and how during these times, we need to turn to the wisdom keepers of indigenous cultures for their knowledge and teachings. She will share how women hold a vital piece in this, and how through our sacred ceremony and women's rites, we will begin to heal our communities and empower the individual woman.

We will cover topics including:

  • Creating organizations that bring our dreams to life
  • The importance to turning to ancient ways and teachings to anchor in a rich and diverse belief system
  • Recognizing that we as women can make the change that is needed and through our connection we can accomplish our goals