Gayle Joplin Hall

Gayle Joplin Hall, PhD: Lifestyle and Relationship Coach, Mentor, International Best-Selling three times Published Author, Keynote Speaker, Expert in Crisis Analysis, Behavior Consultation, and Domestic Violence. Dr. Hall on Call's business model is based on the philosophy of positive psychology and the law of attraction. Gayle has studied people for over two decades. Many people remain stuck in their situations because of fear. As a victor of Domestic Violence, Gayle realized this about herself. Fear of failure had kept her from pursuing her dreams. She is now transparent and shares her stories, life, and wisdom with the world. Gayle has coached thousands of people-DV, Hospice, homeless, elderly, executives, and women. A free 20-minute strategy session is available if you are serious about wanting to get inspired, instead of living in fear. Go to the website and sign up for the email list. Receive your free audio download. Sucker Punched! How to Rise to the Top After Being Punched Down™ - is a transformational book-available through Dr. Hall's website. You will love it and want to order copies for ALL of your friends. Contact Dr.Hall, so she can help you discover your bliss.

Crushing the Elephant in the Room: Let's Kick the Crap Out of Fear!

Walk Away Inspired, Instead of Feeling Afraid

What's up with the elephant stuff? What does this have to do with FEAR? You can clearly see an elephant and can clearly feel FEAR, but will not admit it. Why do people continue living with FEAR instead of dealing with it. Do they think that they're the only ones who are afraid?

In this presentation I will share my story of living with FEAR for over 20 years. And tell you what it took for me to break free from FEAR.

You will learn:

  • In fact it is "normal" to feel FEAR.
  • How to start to get unstuck from living AFRAID.
  • How to kick the crap out of FEAR forever.
  • The reward of living unafraid.
  • How living an inspired and courageous life impacts your day-to-day and business activities.
  • How living encouraged and motivated will inspire and move you to help others in a big way.

I will also tell you about my book "SUCKER PUNCHED! How to Rise to the Top After Being Punched Down" and how it came to fruition.