Anne Merkel

Dr. Anne Merkel believes in and models a balance of Body-Mind-Spirit, demonstrated in her various careers, and currently evidenced in her Energy Psychology practice, where she works with a global client base supporting them to let go of emotional as well as physical pain, trauma, dis-ease, self-sabotage, re-curring negative cycles, among other issues. She was acknowledged as "a true social pioneer... helping to lay a foundation that is building a new global, co-creative society," in The Co-Creator's Handbook, Anderson & Roske, and this is reflected in her close alliances with NGO organizations such as Global Family, Rotary International, The Center for Soviet-American Dialogue, and The Dayton-Miami Valley Consortium. Anne brings to her clients vast experience from: teaching in twenty colleges and universities, including four MBA programs; directing an international training institute and the training & development department of a large manufacturing corporation; consulting with hundreds of top corporations, governments, and organizations to support their conscious transformation; and pursuing her love of energy therapy modalities in on-going post-graduate training, including currently pursuing a second doctorate in classical Naturopathy. Anne is a prolific writer and shares techniques, case studies, scientific information, self-study exercises in her many books, e-books, and other products and programs found on her multiple websites and blogs. For more information on her, google: Corporate Coach Alchemist Anne.

Balancing the Body-Mind-Spirit for Success and Wellness

Human Experience 101 - What they never told you...

In thousands of individual and corporate client cases Dr. Anne Merkel has seen over and over the intimate connectedness of Body-Mind-Spirit. And, when this is out of balance, success is a struggle. She is often quoted as saying:

  • "Wealth Naturally Follows Health!"
  • "The Most Impactful Relationship is with Your Own Authentic SELF!"
  • "Masks and roles distort and block your Abundant Flow."
  • "NOBODY Needs to Suffer!"

During her presentation she will share tips and techniques that will support your life to flow more easily and abundantly in all areas, and that you can use for the rest of your life!