In this Series you will be taught powerful tools
and essential skills that will help you:

  • Lead from a more empowered place
  • Effectively deal with conflict or other work challenges
  • Create more prosperity in your life and business
  • Inspire yourself!
  • Collaborate and partner most effectively for your vision
  • Clearly see how you get stuck and how to get free
  • And more...

This World-Changing
Success Summit is now over.
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You might ask "What does success mean to me? And how do I measure my success in life?" The answers that are shaping the reality of today are much different than the answers of yesteryear. There is a turning inwards, and that process can be a struggle for some who are so used a paradigm and definition of success that isn't really serving them anymore.

Here to offer assistance to the question askers, the visionaries, the future leaders, and the helping people who want to find a heartfelt answer to what will bring them more satisfaction and joy in their lives everyday is the World-Changing Success Summit...because it takes a shift in perspective, and some skills to make the change.

We have brought together master teachers to share their wisdom and the skills that help them create massive success in their own lives.

Join us for the World-Changing Success Summit!
Learn from visionary and creative leaders how to flourish, living the life you were meant to live!

July 16th to July 27th — Weeknights at 7:30 pm

Kate Siner Francis

Suzanne Evans

Lore Raymond

Maggie Ostara

Joumana Rizk

Colette Ellis

Christina McDowell

Gayle Joplin Hall

Katrina Coravos

Olivia Khalili

Anne Merkel

Dear Successful Visionaries

Hello, my name is Kate Siner Francis, Ph.D, founder of the Life Fulfillment Formula® and Larger Visions non-profit. I am excited to offer you this free series designed to help you step more fully into your life -- to feel more alive each and every day. Each seminar will teach you skills and lead you to insights aimed at answering your most important questions about how to improve your life and move you from feeling like you are simply along for the ride to feeling truly empowered.

Having a fantastic and successful life is about diving in and living fully. From July 16th to July 27th, we will be offering FREE workshops from nationally and globally renowned specialists designed to provide you with powerful tools and profound insights. 10 workshops over the course of two weeks will support you in living better than you have ever lived before.

I put together a panel of amazing leaders who have made a big impact by following their heart and committing to make a difference in the lives of others, like you who are looking to live richer, more successful and fulfilled lives. They will offer you life changing guidance, tools, resources, wisdom and most spectacularly, you can get one on one access to this panel - should you chose to take them up on it – they can be your advisor in creating success in your life!

Prepare to be inspired!

In the interest of providing upcoming leaders with resources on their journey to realizing their vision, we offer this fantastic upgrade. For $97 you will receive thousands of dollars in savings! Free consultations and discount packages for marketing, branding, coaching, business development, and more! These leaders want to help you and the world, so they have offered their services and gifts to you in this package to ensure your success in living the vision and creating a better world. Click here to see what is included with your toolkit!


"Thank you for your effort with creating this interesting and motivational event trough interview/dialog form. Excellent choice of speakers touched the most sensitive topics: purpose, dreams, success, leadership and re-install positive feelings about all that!" – Jurate

“What a great week full of incredible people! The speakers were passionate, insightful, creative and generous! What a treat!" -Paige

"Kate, these talks are incredibly valuable; I'm so inspired and grateful. Brava!" – Leslie

“These are going to be great -- some really powerful women are lined up. I can't wait!" – Jean

“Everybody that I talk to keeps saying how much they are enjoying these speakers, thanks so much for putting this together! I can’t wait to listen to my MP3’s” – Maureen

“Thank you for this Awesomeness!!” - Kendal

This World-Changing
Success Summit is now over.
Join us for the next one!